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Get your FREE PS4

Now we're only a few months away from release, simply follow the steps below to get your PS4 as soon as it's available.

Step One

Click here to pre-order your free PS4. You will be taken to the sign up page, just enter your email address and choose a password (don’t worry, your details are safe). Please note: you can only choose one item.

Step Two

Choose and complete one of the offers. Some are free to carry out, whilst others may require a small deposit. Make sure you complete your offer as described on the offer page, otherwise it won’t count.

Step Three

Get a few friends or family members to also sign up and complete an offer (using your referral link provided when you first sign up). If you need some tips on getting people to sign up or have any other questions please see our FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that the concept of getting a free games condsole may seem a little odd, or even make you a bit sceptical. If you have any questions or queries surrounding your gift then please take a look below where you will more than likely find the answers.

How can people afford to give away games consoles?

This is down to a concept called commission based marketing. When you complete an offer (as in step two on the left), the company you sign up with (for example Lovefilm) pay out a commission. When your family or friends sign up, a commission is paid again. It is this money that pays for the free games consoles. It’s a simple idea which works. The companies get introduced to potential customers and you get a PS4!

This definitely does work then?

Yes it does! The concept has been featured on high profile media outlets such as the BBC News Channel, the BBC Newsnight program, CNN news, NBA news and the New York Times. All have investigated this phenomenon and confirmed that the concept really does work.

If you would like more proof, please take a look at the the ‘I Got My Free Item! section of the Exceem website.

Will my PS4 cost me anything at all?

When you complete an offer as per step two you will get to choose from numerous companies. Some of their offers are free (such as Lovefilm) whilst some require a small deposit (such as £5 for Coral). So, it can be 100% free but even spending £5 to get a free games console isn’t a bad deal!

Can I participate from anywhere in the world?

Yes you can. There are offers avaialbe to almost all countries. You will be told at stage two which offers you can carry out.

Is it safe to provide my email address when I sign up?

We only deal with trusted companies with an established track record of delivering free technology products. These companies will never sell or pass on information to other parties. You can be 100% confident of this.

I've seen reference to referrals - what are they?

Once you sign up you will be given a unique referral link. You need to give this to your family and friends when they sign up. It is due to this link that these sign ups are also known as referrals.

I haven't got enough family or friends who want to sign up. What do you suggest?
  1. Get your facebook or Twitter friends to sign up.
  2. Create a blog to promote your referral link.on forums you use.
  3. Promote your referral link on forums that you frequent.
  4. Email work colleagues and associates with your link.
  5. Distribute some cards or flyers around your local area.
  6. Put an advert on your local supermarket free ads board or in a newsagents window.
  7. Get your facebook or bebo friends to sign up.
  8. Offer people cash to sign up - worthwhile if you’re getting a free PlayStation 4.
How many items can I choose from this site?

You can one choose one free product from this site at a time. However, one you’ve received your first free PS4 you can start again with your sign ups and earn yourself another!

Can I just sign up pretending to be someone else to get extra referrals?

No! You will be found out and your account suspended. This also means that anyone living with you cannot use the same computer or internet connection to sign up.

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